6.Audience Engagement


Audience engagement is the process of ensuring maximum involvement and participation in both your group and its activities. It is important that groups invest in the concept of audience engagement in order to develop your ability to expand into new areas of work, raise your profile, achieve your aims and objectives and campaign on issues that are important to you.

This process is about looking both inwards at your current members and ensuring that they feel involved with the group and looking outward to audiences that you have been unable to engage.  You should think about how you reach these audiences and ways that you could expand any of these activities

The process of audience engagement will start with discussions within your group about which audiences you would like to have contact with and which current audiences you should grow. This discussion should then be translated into practical and implementable policy such as a marketing strategy with milestones and goals and creating a contacts database to keep all your information in the same place.

Learning benchmarks

By the end of this section you will:

  • Be able to define your audiences
  • Understand how networking and working in partnership can help you expand your activities
  • Be able to construct a marketing plan to seek new audiences actively



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