2. Collections


You have come together because of a shared interest in collecting or creating an archive rooted in a community that shares a place, heritage or activity. This section will introduce you to the decisions you need to make in order to administer collections – by taking control of collections you will be able to make use of, and offer access to, their full potential.

The key documentation of any archive service: a collecting policy, accessions register  (recording formal acceptance into the collection) and finding aids (catalogues and indexes) are entirely appropriate to collections wherever they are held. By working through this section you will understand how they will make the work you do creating and looking after your collection easier.

Learning benchmarks

By the end of this section you will be able to:

  • Establish a collecting policy
  • Understand how you will need to record items coming into your collections
  • Decide whether and how to digitise collections
  • Understand different strategies for providing access to your collections through cataloguing and indexing


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