Name: tablechat6
Description: Maureen, Doreen, Iris and Brian looking through old memorabilia
Collection: 1948 Olympics: Then & Now
Contributor: Shari Baker ©2012 |
Rights: Shari Baker ©2012 |
In 1948, Brian has recently been demobbed from the army and went into making driving belts for coal pits, mills and factories. He even worked at Thorne’s Toffee factory, which was on Lady’s Lane in Leeds.

The ladies are looking through photographs of Leeds during the 1940s and whilst they can pick out the Grand Theatre and Grand Arcade, it looks totally different from today. Edna used to work at a bed company on North Street in Leeds at the edge of the city’s Jewish Quarter. This meant that all the cloth shops in that area were open on a Sunday morning. Edna used to buy fabric from here for her uncle to cut out and her mother to make into clothing.

 Maureen says that times were hard in 1948. She worked from 8am to 5pm and there were no televisions to watch, and the radio was rarely on. She was 16 years old in 1948 and it was that same she visited the seaside for the first time, as part of a work trip from Brown’s Tailoring. She stayed in a boarding house that cost 3 shillings and 6 pence for a room. You had to provide your own meals and even using the salt and pepper cost 6p.

 Edna recalls only ever hearing about news stories at the cinema. She was also a keen roller skater and used to go to Armley Palace, which was a former picture house. Edna says they were good times as you had plenty of friends and people had time to talk.

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