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In 1948, Patricia wasn’t really interested in the Olympic Games as there were no televisions to watch it on and it was happening all the way down in London. Most of the time, they listened to it on the radio.

Another reason why Patricia had other things on her mind that year was that she got married in the June. There was a problem getting the clothes for the wedding, as rationing was still in place and the allocation per person had gone down since the start of the war. In 1939, a person was allocated 66 coupons for the year. By 1948, this had decreased to stretching 48 coupons over 12 months. All clothing cost you coupons – trousers cost 5, a blouse cost 5, a coat cost 11, a dress or suit cost 11, a nightdress cost 6, a vest cost 2, a skirt cost 6 and shoes cost 5. You could get two handkerchiefs for 1 coupon and stockings were also 1 coupon. It was hard to make 48 last.

 Patricia had to carefully sort out what was needed in the run-up to her wedding. There were no nice things in the shops so she would get some material and a dressmaker to make her underwear and skirts. She wanted to get married in white but there were no wedding dresses in the shops. Patricia managed to get material from the best fabric shop in Leeds and took it to a dressmaker.

 One other memory Patricia has of 1948 is the test match she went to at Headingley, England against Australia. She remembers being thrilled to see big names such as Don Bradman and Freddie Trueman, and that thousands of people went so you had to queue for ages.

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