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The Sporting Heroes project worked with the Bradford Bulls in 2010.

The Sporting Heroes project first contacted the team at Bradford Bulls in April 2010 as a way of reaching out to the different rugby, football and crickets clubs across West Yorkshire. From initial consultation, plans were put in place for the project team to capture memories of both supporters and players alike.

In line with the Bulls' Community Foundation heritage project (see Past Times project page) to archive and promote the history of Odsal Stadium, 'snapshot' recordings of fans' memories were captured in August 2010.

Sporting Heroes would like to thank Bradford Bulls, especially John Mason, John Downes and Martin Bass, for their co-operation and for helping the project achieve its aims.

Do you have a memory of Bradford Bulls? We would love to hear from you, so that we can add to the Sporting Heroes archive. You can add your memory on the Contribute page, or please call (0113) 393 9775 or e-mail educationandoutreach@wyjs.org.uk.