Bantams Museum
Name: Bantams Museum
Description: Photograph of Bantams Past Museum
Location: Nowthen
Contributor: West Yorkshire Archive Service
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Denis Atkins played for Bradford City 1968-1971 with 108 appearances. He retired from football to become a teacher but came back to the club for a short time to act as a liaison between the Club and local schools.

Denis previously played for Huddersfield Town for thirteen years but was part of a swap transfer in 1968 - Denis and Tony Leighton went to City, whilst Paul Aimson and Alex Smith went across to Huddersfield. Being born in Bradford, playing for City gave him 'asense of belonging'.

Unfortunately, Denis did not have the best start to his playing career at Bradford City. On his very first day in training, the current manager Grenville Hair died of a heart attack at the young age of thirty-six. He was replaced by Tom Hallett and Jim McAnaerney as joint caretaker managers.

Denis recalls his time as a professional footballer as being 'the best time of your life because you're at the fittest and the healthiest'. He admits that it was difficult to make the transition from the exciting life of being a footballer and looking forward to playing a Saturday or midweek game to going into an ordinary job. He says that you go through so much with your team mates and you 'make friends for life'. Denis says he does not see his fellow ex-players that often but when they do get together 'it's just like old times'.

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Name: Denis Atkins
Description: Clip of interview with Denis Atkins
Location: Nowthen
Contributor: Denis Atkins, West Yorkshire Archive Service
Rights: Denis Atkins, West Yorkshire Archive Service