Group work on the day
Name: Group work on the day
Description: Bradford Trident Women's Faith Forum
Collection: Womens Faith Forum
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Collection created by the Bradford Trident Women's Faith Forum.

The events took place on Thursday 21st September at the Mayfield Centre in Bradford. The aim of this event was to bring together women of different faiths to share their experiences. The day saw speakers from the Sikh (Sarpeet Kaur), Hindu (Mrs Lad) and Christian (Awais Dominic Murghl) faiths interspersed with entertainment from the choir from the Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College, Kala Sangam and WINGS (Women’s Innovative Nasheed Group).

The workshops were run to give the women the opportunity to share their experiences of food, weddings, prayer and pilgrimage. The women separated into groups with a facilitator and were encouraged to talk about their experience of these events and everyday occurrences. They were encouraged to compare and contrast the events between religions and the impact they had on their lives