Sharon Kingswood has lived in Dewsbury all her life and grew up in Batley Carr.

Sharon Kingswood has lived in Dewsbury all her life and grew up in Batley Carr.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in what were called The Cottage in Ellis’ yard, which is now it was a mill called Joshua Ellis’ and we lived in the mill cottage until about 6 years ago when I bought my own house and moved out of my parents. Now the mill that we used to be Joshua Ellis’ has just opened up as a set of flats. They sold it and it’s been opened up as a lovely set of flats. They’re a bit too modern. The cottage we lived in were lovely old cottage, still had its coal fire and everything. It had 4 bedrooms. There was me, my parents, my aunty, my grandma and then my grandma died so she wasn’t there anymore. My aunty moved into one of the other cottages that were next door. My whole family lived in the yard. Yeah, it was nice to have three generations in one place. I’m an only child so I was spoilt rotten I used to go to Batley Carr post office and butchers and sandwich shop with my grandma and then with my mum and then with my aunty. Really nice.

Where did you go to school?

Carlton Road School which is now DABTAC Dewsbury Road College. Then I went to Birkdale High School. My friends, the whole friends thing is my favourite memory. At Carlton Road we all grew up together, we lived in the same area. Most of the children who lived in Batley Carr, which is where we lived, went to Carlton Road School. So we all went to school together and then we came home and played together. You know we’d play in the street and play kerbie. You know kerbie with the ball and you hit kerb, we used to play that every single night because where we lived was a cul-de-sac so there were no cars so you could play kerbie and we used to do that every night.

Do quite a lot of your friends form primary school still live here?

No there’s quite a lot of them moved away. There’s not a lot that still live in the same area. There are a lot of parents that still live in the same area and they come back and forth, but a lot of them have gone on to university and done different jobs so they’ve had to go away, move away way out of area.