Brian Shaw talks about working for ASDA and coming to Dewsbury in1977

I've worked for ASDA for 4 1/2 years. There was about three month training period before the (Dewsbury) store opened, starting in April and the store opened 20th May. In fact, I was stood at the front door as a greeter when the doors first opened. I got bored being on the front door as a greeter so took the opportunity of coming into Personnel. It's more my background. I have more of an administrative background, been a manager in social work for many years and got semi-retirement and then came in to work for ASDA as a kind of part time, pay for me holidays job and then got into Personnel, which I thoroughly enjoy.

We do see all the colleagues at some point in time over twelve months. They will always have a problem with their wages or their holidays or you know they will always come into use for some thing or another. The one thing that I miss about being a greeter is talking to the customers. That was the good bit of the job, the actual standing on your feet for 8 hours was the downside for me.

I came to Dewsbury in 1977. I was in Oldham before that, came across the Pennines. I am a Lancastrian by birth, born in Lancashire moved to Oldham when I joined the police. I was in the police for 6 years. I enjoyed it as a single man. I got married three years into my career and the hours and the pay and me wife being a long way from home. With my wife a lot of it was the uncertainty in what time I was going to be home from work because it was just so uncertain in that job. All you had to do was make an arrest at half past nine when you were supposed to be finishing at ten and you were there till two-three o'clock doing the paperwork. You'd be going to have a weekend off and there would be a whacking great football match on and your day off was cancelled and my wife couldn't cope with that. She endured it for three years till the birth of our first child and I came out and went into social work.