Zahir Afzal outside Dewsbury ASDA
Name: Zahir Afzal outside Dewsbury ASDA
Description: Zahir Afzal outside Dewsbury ASDA
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Zahir Afzal talks about getting involved with the community he lives in and helping others

What other things are you involved in?

Basically, I’ve cut down recently because I didn’t want to hit a stress period but I was helping out in the local community. My dad were the local mediator, he were really involved in the community, he was involved in the local mosque as well. He were the chairman. He was very involved with mediating with the police. So all them things I got a bit involved in them, but obviously when I was going into my final year of study so I really backed off.

Still sometimes I get involved in meetings in the local area, in the local community centre regarding organising events for youths. Originally we set up a youth forum. I were involved in that and once it started kicking in basically I actually backed off a bit as I went back into my final year and that. From that we’ve got a cricket team in summer and a football team where the lads that are playing in it are running it themselves so they talk to me about anything about getting involved in that. The setting up of it I were involved in that. I would like to be more involved in projects like that but at the moment I am a bit overstretched so I’m just talking it easy because I don’t want to collapse.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’ll tell you the truth because when some people ask me what I do in my spare time they laugh at me because I’m not the kind of guy that would probably go and play football or cricket. If I’ve got spare time and I can help someone else out I’d rather go do that than go and spend my time doing that than playing football. Sometimes I can remember my dad used to say to me “You’re doing the wrong degree for yourself.” I said “Why?” He said “You need to go into law, not into electronics.”

As long as you know that you are doing something positive. The way I look at it, a lot of people see it as a negative point say I’m doing something right, 10 people might like it but, say for example, yourself you might say ‘I don’t know why you’re doing that’, but as long as you know from inside your heart that you are doing something positive for either the community, or even if you’re doing something for your family or even if you’re doing it for whoever, so long as you know that you are doing it with a clean heart and a positive attitude you’ll carry on.

Zahir Afzal