Do your family still live in India? Yes. I do visit them often, I didn't before.

Do your family still live in India?

Yes. I do visit them often, I didn’t before. First time I went back home after 7 years I took my little girl with me, when she were 4 year old, that were the first time I introduced my husband to my family. Now I do because I have lovely 3 kids, a 21 year old daughter, a 15 year old son and a 13 year old daughter as well and now I go about every year to see my dad, as I lost my mum about 3 years ago. India is very different; I can’t settle there now because life is very different here. Different meaning of life really because you go to work, come home and then you sit down with your family and things like that. In India in these days the woman actually go out and work, but not originally when I was a kid and back home because I see my mum and my sisters-in-law all home and all the fellas go out and work. They go in the morning and then come home in the afternoon. Not any scheduled work or anything like that.

My dad was a branch manager in local government so I went to different cities, to different towns when I grew up. We have a lovely house there that my father-in-law built for us for future if we would like to go and stay, but I would rather go for holiday and come back to my family.

Do you feel that Yorkshire and Dewsbury is home?

Yes definitely. I think Dewsbury is only little town and the community is, when you live in small society and community they know you well. The way we are at the moment I have three kids in Dewsbury and the area we have in our shops, everybody know where these kids belong so you feel safe and secure. Everything is just there. I have no regrets about from moving from Bradford to here. I’d rather have Dewsbury than Bradford. The circumstances the way they are now, in these days, all our cousins and all my husband’s side of the family are all in Bradford. There is only us in Dewsbury.

What was your first house like in Dewsbury?

Very small actually. We were living on top of the shop. Very small house, but then we bought a house in Cleckheaton, Whitechapel Road. Then after that we bought another house where we are now, and a shop with it.

What was your favourite house to live in?

My favourite house is where I’m living now. My kids were born in there. My sister-in-law been married there. Lots of old memories there.