Suzanne: It’s not the same I don’t think. Market’s not the same like it used to be.

Karen: Folk would come from miles around to come to market.

S: You could get anything on that market. Anything. You wanted it. You’d find it.

K: You used to go shopping with me mam all day. We used to leave house at 10 o’clock in morning. Go round shops and then round market and by the time you got back it were teatime. You can go round in half an hour now. You’d spend the whole day out round the town. I can’t imagine what we did.

S: We did the same. Every Wednesday and every Saturday we used to walk from my mum’s into town, go round market and do shopping and if we were good we could go to Caddy’s for an ice cream.

K: Caddy’s or fish bar. We used to go to the fish bar as well.

I remember when we used to come from Bradford to Dewsbury on Wednesday and Saturdays to market. I’m not a market person, but my father-in-law used to send us with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

It was so busy the market, people used to come from all over the place to Dewsbury market. You would see the different stalls and the different culture of people, different communities there. That’s the difference. At that time it was just very, very busy. There were stalls everywhere. More friendly, but now it’s different. Different time and different way of life I think. The market isn’t the same bustling place anymore. I think it’s the fast life.

Communication has changed. People like to do Internet shopping and more gadgets, technical way, so people have no time for anybody. People keep themselves busy, it’s a shame really because it’s not nice for the old generation as they like to communicate with people when they go out. Old people have a fixed time for everything, but for new generation they don’t have that and I think that is a shame really. Shame that people have no time for each other.