What would you say is the most noticeable building? Town Hall. Town Hall and Barclays bank, they haven't changed, not at all.

What would you say is the most noticeable building?

Town Hall. Town Hall and Barclays bank – they haven’t changed, not at all. The surroundings have changed a little, Empire building where there is now Post Office and old post office is round the corner. I remember the people actually queuing round the outside and the Town Hall I remember when my sister-in-law were actually married in there. Town Hall haven’t changed and I remember where Tony’s Textiles is now, it used to be a building with loads of shops, charity shops in there. They’ve changed a bit. When you go up to the market, where the car parks are, it used to be a computer shop. That’s not there now. Jacket potato lady is still there though. She still does potatoes and I think she got used to my whole family because my kids loved Wednesday and Saturday jacket potato from there. The best things never change.

I didn’t have much spare time to go out. We had quite a big family really and we were a joint family and we had four shops at that time so I didn’t really have any time. Coming out on a Wednesday and Saturday was like a novelty. You used to go and drift about a bit and do the shopping because Mum and Dad used to do most of the shopping and we could go on Saturday and take the kids out. We used to go to Batley Park with the kids. The swings and things like that, but apart from that we were busy with the business. It is worth it.


What would you say is the landmark of Dewsbury?

Karen: Town Hall.

Suzanne: Town Hall and that Church in the precinct but the rest of it the character has totally changed. Except for market, market’s still there.

K: Market has changed though. It’s permanent. They used to side a lot of it away at one time.