Sharon Kingswood talks about working at ASDA and how its changed Dewsbury

What’s it been like since ASDA opened?

I think it has made a big difference to Dewsbury. You can’t get anywhere like you can get from George clothing. Its value for money, you can’t get anywhere else for what you pay for George clothing and I think also, because you’ve got Tesco’s on Batley you get the best deals because they’re battling against each other to keep customers. In the end the customer get the best deal.

Can you remember what was here before ASDA?

There used to be a garage. There used to be a little garage with two petrol pumps and a tiny little shop. I can remember that, but I can’t remember what used to be here apart from the petrol station. Most of the mills have been turned into flats, luxury flats. Not many that haven’t, I think there is only one that is still a mill. They all sell up. They’ve kept them, if you go and have a look at it they’ve kept like the old chimney, the big massive chimney. They’ve kept the big, massive chimney stack in the grounds, so they’ve kept a bit of it. That’s there and the old houses are there, they’ve just modernised them inside. There is no coal fire anymore. I hated that. We used to be freezing in the house. Me and my parents, whoever got up first, had to clean the fire. Very much an incentive to stay in bed, it were warmer in bed as well.

Where do you live now?

I still live in Batley Carr. I live in another house. I left home and my mum left the cottage and moved into a flat because I’m an only child. My aunty still lives in Batley Carr, she lives in a flat in Batley Carr and I live in, up Hyrstlands Road in a house. They built a load of new houses there and I bought one of those. So I still live in Batley Carr.

What is it about Batley Carr that makes you want to stay?

It’s a good community Batley Carr. There is like the church. The butcher’s is gone and it were sad when the butcher closed because that were like a final thing now it’s just a take away, just another take away. There’s no butcher there anymore. The club, Batley Carr club, that’s a really good club. I don’t go out very often but it’s like a good community. I like to be near my family. I’ve got a huge family I’ve got something like 60 cousins and my mum has 11 brothers and sisters, so we’ve got quite a big family. Dewsbury has a good sense of community.