Zahir Afzal
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What is the biggest change to Dewsbury?

Residential areas and trading areas; an example is where we are sat now. I can remember what it used to be like. A lot of difference. It used to look like a tipping area basically. I know there was a lot of trade going on within the section where ASDA is built now, but it wasn’t like a clean site. When you used to walk by or when you used to drive past it used to make the area look dull. Now it’s opened it all up, given some light basically because it is not as tall as those buildings were. I don’t know if you’ve seen it before. There were loads of small businesses in this area as far as I can remember and now there is only one big business. That you can say is an advantage and a disadvantage. I don’t know what the employment rate was in those small businesses. Obviously there’s over 250 people working here probably. The other thing is for example the sports field that I used to play in when I was 5-6 years old has houses built on it now. A lot of green spaces have disappeared. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage. I’m actually quite involved out there in community work as well and the advantage is that some people are making use of other sports fields that are available, say like consider me I may not consider looking at anything else. Obviously I’ve grown past that age where it’s right next to my house and I’ll play where my mum and dad can see me, but it’s ended up leaving some youngsters on the street and you know what it can be like when they end up on the streets. That’s the only disadvantage of taking the greenery away.

Zahir Afzal