Eesti Kodu Club School sports Day
Name: Eesti Kodu Club School sports Day
Description: Eesti Kodu Club School Sports Day
Collection: Eesti Kodu Club
Location: Eesti Kodu Club
Contributor: Eesti Kodu Club
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The Eesti Kodu Club ran a school to support the young people in the Estonian community and help keep the language and culture alive.

The part time school was started by Mr Allismaa in the autumn of 1949, with supporting staff Mrs Maevere and Mr Nudel, in St Pauls School with 7 children, attending 14.00 - 17.00 hours. Supporting teachers were Ms Ader, Mr Rimmel and E Luuk. The school moved to a prepared room in EESTI KODU on 13.09.1955. The school closed on 14.07.1973.

During its 24 years, 72 pupils attended and some even passed exams in Estonian language at London University.