Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Name: Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Description: Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Collection: Leeds City Engineer's Department, clearance photographs
Location: NowThen
Reference: LC/ENG WYAS1067 Box60/2 No127
Contributor: West Yorkshire Archive Service
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Having been offered a cup of tea, coffee, water, anything at all, the discussion of the Hamara Centre Men's Luncheon Group inevitably turns to food.

Arshed Lodhi explains how food plays a huge role in Asian culture. He recounts that they are taught that if they make something good they should not keep it to themselves but share it with their neightbours. "Offering people food when they visit shows how you care about them and their wellbeing."

What could be considered normal hospitality is something that does not necessarily happen as much in Britain anymore. "We should think ourselves rude if we did not offer food and drink to people when they visit." responds Arshed "Though sometimes it may mean eating several times in one day. You could have been fed lunch at one persons house and go to visit someone else and be given almost the same amount of food again. It's not always great for the waistline or the heart."

Food is central to Muslim and Asian culture. Arshed describes it as the equivalent of the British pint. A time and a place to gather together, collect your thoughts, share them with others and generally catch up. There is a communality about mealtimes, sharing food from a large plate. "Some Western people find this unhygienic, but everyone has their own side of the plate." explains Nisar Ahmad "They don't go sticking their fingers all round the plate. They keep to their own part."