Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Name: Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Description: Newton Street, Cyclops Foundry
Collection: Leeds City Engineer's Department, clearance photographs
Location: NowThen
Reference: LC/ENG WYAS1067 Box60/2 No127
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Leeds had many iron and engineering foundries to contribute to its industrial production. Many of these were situated in Hunslet and Holbeck such as Catton & Co. Mir Bostan talks about his expereinces of work

Mir Bostan worked at the Catton & Co Iron Foundry, a subsiduary of William Cook Plc, on Cross Green Approach in Hunslet.

After a couple of weeks I start work at foundry. Catton and Co. very popular within Leeds. They made tank, war tank, MOD and they make gun shoulder you know the gun they use for war, big gun, heavy gun and shoulder barrel, car suspension spring. You name it they made it. I would be working there all right through. Then 1959 they make me supervisor, so job I were doing myself.

I have no education, like I learn myself here. I have no education but have all inside like you have computer there, all inside my brain. You see people, well-educated, when they melt metal to make tank chain they usually look in book for what addition you're going to use to make good steel. I have it inside, I just go there, weigh it up and everything and mine is all the time correct. Anything go wrong, somebody else usually call on me to help.

What we used to do is go work nightshift at foundry, early morning go to market. I been doing lots of jobs, I forget about the fish and chip shop. Those days with energy, so much, feel like doing a lot of work, even if I have time I go shooting with camera. What is happening with Asian people. Aim is to work and support the family and go back after 2-3 years. We were working so hard. A lot of people were doing what I been doing myself, working nighshift and the other person, maybe they have been waiting outside as people were short of workers as a lot of people had been killed in the war. I finished at seven o'clock in morning and they ask if you work a couple of hours and they'll bring you home.

I been planning when you start every year, we'll stay two years in England and then go back home and stay there. When I go back there, I came back to England and I'm still here 55-60 years now. I was born in Pakistan, but when we go there we feel 'Oh we'll go back to England now'. It feels like home.