Bradford Alhambra Theatre
Name: Bradford Alhambra Theatre
Description: Bradford Alhambra Theatre
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The Alhambra Studio Theatre started as the Bradford Picture House in the early 1900s. This was converted into the Majestic ballroom in 1956 and then into a bingo hall between 1965 and 1970. It made an interesting return to films when under the Majestic name it became an Asian film centre. Eventually it was taken over by the Alhambra Theatre (pictured here courtesy of Ian Grundy). The Alhambra used the Studio Theatre to expand it's stage and workshop space.

I remember in '69 we went down to Bradford to see film. That was last show and it was Manchester Road. The last bus was after ten and the film finished quarter to eleven on a Saturday, so there was no bus and no taxi. So I start walking from Manchester Road to Heckmondwike.

When I get to the open shop the police behind us they asked "Where are you going?" We said "We're going home. We missed the bus." He said "Get in and we'll take you home" They were so helpful. The police were so helpful and even the shopkeepers were so helpful. Ordinary people were helpful. Very, very helpful.

Fazal Ahmad

Entertainment. When I came here there were some Asian cinemas in Bradford. With old film, without missing a Saturday or Sunday, we used to travel to Bradford on a bus, first thing in a morning half past nine.

We used to live in Liversedge. We used to get bus from there, 9:40 bus, Sunday morning standing at bus stop whether snowing, raining or sun shining, whatever, regardless. We used to go to Bradford and watch the 12 o'clock showing.

Nisar Ahmad

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