Chapman Street numbers 25-29
Name: Chapman Street numbers 25-29
Description: Chapman Street numbers 25-29
Collection: Leeds City Engineer's Department, clearance photographs
Location: NowThen
Reference: LC/ENG WYAS1067 Box12/2 No123
Contributor: West Yorkshire Archive Service
Rights: West Yorkshire Archive Service
When did you come to Leeds? How much did my first house cost me?

When did you come to Leeds?

First, the gentleman, my relation, he come. He was in the army. When the army break from India and his sub-officer brought my relation to this country. He was in Leeds. He went before 1952 back home and he made arrangements for me to come. From those days I've never move from Leeds. I go round, you know circulation.

First when I come it call 49 and 45 Chapman street, those two houses belong near St James' Hospital now, demolished all. After a couple of years time, Harehills, then after I move to Holbeck. From Holbeck to here, bottom of Dewsbury Road and I'm still there now. I move to Holbeck around about 1960 or 1961. Then I pass house to daughter and then I bought new house. What happened in those days were happening, the family come to this country. I was here helping people from my family. I didn't want daughter and son to live somewhere else so I gave house to them and bought a new one.

How much did my first house cost me?

£350, it was number 16 Recreation Row. Then I bought £600 Glensdale Mount (?) 4 bedroom house. Then another one I bought Roundhill Street (?) 29, and that one I think was about £5 or 6 something. The number 32 Roundhill Street (?) I bought that one. First one was 49 Chapman Street behind St James' that one I think £150, back to back house, 2 bedroom. Then other one I think was about £200 more. 45 and 49, both houses belong to same street.

Cheap houses but rent was, those days, a week, half crown, two shillings and six pences and then they gone up. Full house, three bedroom house was 10 bob, 50 pence.

Mir Bostan 

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