Monkbridge Forge Mr Butt
Name: Monkbridge Forge Mr Butt
Description: Monkbridge Forge Mr Butt
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Contributor: Fazal Kareem Butt
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Fazal Kareem Butt talks about his experience of working at Monkbridge Forge. The image is part of his personel file from his time at Monkbridge Forge

I work cotton foundries. First I started cotton foundries and few years work there. Then I go to Monk Bridge in Whitehall Road. They make aeroplane blades, gold, white gold and red gold, both golds. I is make in silver, but they have big tank like that, this room. Big boiling gold all round and something inside that they run all over the blades. They go on the top, gold (gold plating the blades). After so many miles they no good anymore, they is put inside not outside they cut the air. Maybe 100,000, 20, 000, 50,000 air miles after no good. This is American firms, not English firm.

1956 I’m working there. I get 35 hours work and I get £45. If I tell someone that I get £45 a week people’s laughing. Woman get £2 50d in a week, and men get £7 in a week. Cotton works £7 (for a 60 hour week) and if you work in a foundry £13 12 hours. That very hard job, if you work 12 hours there when you come home you can’t take your own shoes off because tired. Very hard job. They make heavy things that you broke with hammer and no cutters or electrics that time 14lb hammer to break the steel. Very, very hard job and now very easy.

Fazal Kareem Butt


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