Hamara Men's Roof Terrace
Name: Hamara Men's Roof Terrace
Description: Hamara Men's Roof Terrace
Location: NowThen
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Fazal Ahmad shares his story of moving to England

When you first moved here was it difficult to get jobs?
No, no. It was easy, very, very easy to get job. I remember in 1965 I came here and my dad said that I was too young to get job. I said that I want to get job, that was in 1965 December. I said “No. I want to get job. I want to help you.” I went to job with the big, big machine. I was so scared that I wanted to be away from there. Then start job in 1969, all the factory and foundry gatekeepers would ask if you were looking for job. That was a good time you know. Very, very, very good time, especially English people were helpful, very helpful.

I remember in 1970 when I moved into Liversedge and English was very, very difficult. Our next door neighbour was a teacher and when she realised that I can’t speak English she used to come everyday after school to teach us. Next door was a post office and he was very helpful as well.

Fazal Ahmad

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