Mir Bostan
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Mir Bostan talks about moving to England

Well I come this country, well I left home from where I was born, you know in Pakistan, we call Azal Kashmir, I left home 1950 didn't reach England till 1952 January.

When I left home, it take least about 2 year, planning and everything and what have you. I came 1952 generally to England. I come by ship, ship took 31 day and come day when we were in the area that time, the captain was saying to everybody that it was so windy and foggy and he couldn't see. He had to stop and tell everybody to ready for in case something go wrong.

We reached London. From London, I haven't got nobody with me you know, only myself, not a lot of people Asian, like today you see every corner. I couldn't speak English very good and I had to find out where to get a train ticket to reach Leeds.

I reach Leeds, when I come here, those days was difficult with ration card and you can't buy food. You know just go round every shop and just get food, well you couldn't. A relation, he was here, they took me down to National Insurance Office to get a National Insurance number. So I get a number and then start buying for food. By then I usually share it with them.

To get food you needed to take your ration book to get stamped. You would only be given a certain amount of sugar, butter and meat, a loaf of bread would have to last you a whole week. You couldn't go back any earlier, if you went on a Monday one week, you had to wait till the following Monday at least before you went back.

Mir Bostan

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