Stratford Street Mosque
Name: Stratford Street Mosque
Description: Stratford Street Mosque
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Strafrod Street Mosque was the first in the area

29 Stratford Street was bought by Fazal Kareem Butt in 1968 for between £1000 and £3000. He bought it for himself but converted it into a mosque in the 1970s.

"I lived there 15 years in Sweet Street. In 1968, I came here to Stratford Street where now the mosque. I live there long time."

It is still used today for worship by local residents. When they refurbished the house into a mosque it was a community effort, both labour and funding.

Stratford Street was the first mosque in the area. There were churches and other organisations but no mosques. Before the seventies, Nisar Ahmad tells how people used to go for Eid prayer in town. They used to hire the Town Hall and pray there.

Fazal Kareem Butt remembers that he booked the Trinity United Methodist Church, which has now been converted into the Hamara Centre, for his son's wedding.

"I book this Church and everybody bring food here. £10 rent"