Tempest Road, Cross Flatts
Name: Tempest Road, Cross Flatts
Description: Tempest Road, Cross Flatts
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Asghar Khan, recounts some of his first memories of Beeston when he arrived in 1980

I arrived in 1980, I can remember the date. It was the 6th June 1980. I was 11 years old. Our first house was on Tempest Road. We came from the village in Kashmir and to me particularly when we were driving through Beeston and we saw all the same houses, row upon row. In the back of my head I had an image 'How do people find their houses?' They look all the same. That image has never gone out of my head. I said it's going to be difficult, because back in the village we knew everybody.

Rows and rows of terraced houses, same doors, same windows.

Asghar Khan

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