Nisar Ahmed and spinning machine 1968-1969
Name: Nisar Ahmed and spinning machine 1968-1969
Description: Nisar Ahmed and spinning machine 1968-1969
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Contributor: Nisar Ahmed
Rights: Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmad talks about his early experiences of work

Weaving was not a heavy job, but it was a very busy job as you are running up and down all the time, weaving and spinning. Weaving is only a small machine maybe the size of this table (about 5 feet, 1.5 yards) a bit longer, but spinning machine you're talking about 50 yard long, 40 yard long and you were walking up and down all day or maybe if you're working in night, all working night. It was a very busy job.

Different shifts, people were doing 12 hour shifts in those days and there were not these continental shifts or whatever they call them, you know 6 till 2, 2 till 10, 10 till 6. These came out I think in the seventies, but when I first started the shift was, I used to work day shift when I was under 18, because they didn't give you a job night shift when you were under 18. After 18 you can go into night shift, yeah maybe for the sake of £2 extra, maybe £3 extra, a week.

When I first came to this country, I went to school for about two month. I came here in 1965 and I was just 15 when I came here. Law of this country had you attend school until you were 15 and a half or something in those days, now it's 18 isn't it? I went to school for maybe few months in Bradford and then start working. My first job was in Drummond Mill, Lumb Lane, oiling the machine and my first wage was £4 and 10 shilling.

Nisar Ahmad

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