First St Patrick's Parade
Name: First St Patrick's Parade
Description: First St Patrick's Parade
Collection: Leeds Irish Community
Location: Leeds
Reference: Nowthen
Contributor: Leeds Irish Community
Rights: Leeds Irish Community
This collection is made up of stories, memories and images collected from the Irish Community in Leeds.

Over the last few year WYAS have worked with different member and community groups associated with the Irish Community. This digital archive is a collection of memories, stories and pictures gathered from the Irish Community in Leeds.  The Irish Community in Leeds are a long established community in Leeds. In 1857 Mount St Mary’s Opened its doors to cater for the large emigrant population in the area, many having fled from the potato famine of 1851. The next notable emigration mainly form County Mayo was in the 1930’s and then again in the 1980’s.. Continuing to flourish and participate in Leeds life the Irish community have had a significant influence on the shaping of Leeds. Irish dancing and sports traditions are protected and with the Irish Centre being long established home of the community, that has moved and expanded with the needs of the community. Today the Leeds-Irish population measures around 20,000. 

This digital archive hopes to reflects the significant Irish population and hopes to capture a wide variety of stories and memories held. If you have a story or picture to share please do so by using the contribute option above. We hope that this archive is a living archive that is continuously added to.