The Sporting Heroes project team went along to interview the Rhinos fans at their last home game of the 2010 season. Husband and wife Robert and Melanie Chapman were two of the supporters who we spoke to.

Why would you say you support Leeds Rhinos?

RC: Ooh, I don’t know.

MC: Best team.

RC: Yeah, best team in Super League. Supported them for 20 years more or less. That’s why. That’s it really.

Do you notice the difference between before Super League and now?

RC: A much better difference. The old structure of the team has evolved. Seen it come a long way.

What’s been your favourite match?

MC: They’ve always been good matches, especially against us arch-rivals the Bradford team, against the Bulls.

RC: Quite a few in last few weeks. The Leeds and Saints one – semi-final of Challenge Cup.

MC: And then last week against Castleford with us captain out and now we’ve lost us vice-captain.

Are you going to Wembley for the Challenge Cup final?

RC: Unfortunately, no. We tried.

MC: Brother-in-law tried to get us tickets but he couldn’t.

RC: Realised today it’s all sold out now.

MC: But I’ll be there with telly.

Who’s your favourite player?

RC: She’s got an all-time favourite player.

MC: I’ve always got a favourite one.

Who’s yours?

MC: The captain.

Kevin Sinfield?

MC: Yeah.

Do you have one at all?

RC: No. They’re all great in my eyes, one to seventeen. They all dig deep for each other. I haven’t got a particular favourite, no.

Do you think it’s exciting that they’re transforming the ground here at Headingley?

RC: Yes. They’re going to spend 10 million on South and North Stand aren’t they? Better facilities because they need them don’t they bringing up to scratch? As long as it doesn’t come out of our pockets. Ticket prices’ll be going up won’t they?