Leeds United manager Don Revie, 29th April 1969
Name: Leeds United manager Don Revie, 29th April 1969
Description: Leeds United manager Don Revie, 29th April 1969
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When the Sporting Heroes team went to Elland Road to interview fans on 2nd April 2011, it was clear that their passion for their team goes back generations.

Rob Gill and Phoebe Le Bidevin

So where was your first game?

RG: My first game – and I found a programme last week – and it was 17th February 1968, fourth round FA Cup against Nottingham Forest who we’re playing today. Score was 2-1 to Leeds and I believe we went through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup that year.

Did you enjoy the game?

RG: Very much, yes. So, forty three years later, I’ve brought Phoebe for her first game. We’re both from Guernsey. I’ve come over for the week and Phoebe’s at Leeds Met.

Are you looking forward to going to the game then and sharing this experience?

PLB: I am. I’m very excited. It’ll be good to learn all the chants and get into the atmosphere and the spirit of it all, so should be a good game.


Paul and Connor Howells

So how long have you been supporting Leeds United?

PC: Since I’ve been about five – forty years.

And how long have you been supporting?

CC: All my life.

So, can you remember the first time you came here?

PC: About ten years ago, eight years ago.

What was your memory of that match?

PC: Lost. Leicester beat us 1-nil.

Do you have a favourite game at all that you’ve been to?

PC: Not really. My favourite games have been on telly that I’ve seen. When we beat Liverpool 4-3 and Viduka scored four – that was my favourite game.

Do you have a favourite player at all?

PC: Viduka is my favourite and Bremner.

Do you have a favourite player?

CC: Becchio.

Why’s that? Why’s Becchio your favourite?

CC: He scores most goals.

Good reason. So what’s your hopes this season? Do you think we’ll go up?

PC: Playoffs, I think, playoffs. But we can’t do playoffs can we? We never can do playoffs.

We might be in the Premier League again next year.

PC: That would be brilliant.


David and Martin Sixsmith

MS: You’ve got more knowledge than me.

DS: I haven’t.

How long have you been supporting Leeds United?

DS: Well, on and off most of my life actually. Always supporting and always watch results – everything.

MS: Same. Since I was about four years old so when I got my first kit bought.

DS: I followed in tradition. I followed in Leeds United. They’re the club in Yorkshire for us.

Can you remember the first time you came here?

DS: probably back in ‘60s with my uncle. Early ‘60s when they were in League Division One so it’s a long time ago but first introduction.

Was that the famous Revie team?

DS: Yeah, just a little bit actually before Revie team. Willie Bell and Pete Cott? Centre forward; you know, Jack Charlton in his early days. It were a long time ago but memorable.

MS: Little bit different for me – 2004, the last ever Premier League game ever played here when we played Charlton, got relegated. So, bittersweet but that was the first game I came to. I sort-of think it’s in the stars that I’ve seen one Premier League game, hopefully I’ll see another one.

Do either of you have a favourite match that you’ve been to?

DS: I think last season, the promotion one for the atmosphere.

MS: Yeah, Old Trafford as well. I were there at Old Trafford when we beat Man United.

January the 3rd?

MS: Yeah, January the 3rd. So that was a good match.

DS: Also at the Emirates as well. You know, fantastic performance from lads that day. Did us proud.

Is there a particular all-time favourite player that stands out for you?

DS: Billy Bremner I think really.

MS: A bit different for me – Nigel Martyn’s my favourite player.

Why would you say Nigel Martyn’s your favourite player?

MS: Just, I’ve never seen a better keeper at Elland Road. Just the whole time, never seen anyone better. For me, he’s always going to be my favourite player.

DS: I think Billy just embodies spirit of the club. He was just an icon.

What are your hopes for the rest of the season? Do you think we’ll make it up? Do you think we’ll be able to say ‘Leeds is a Premier League team now’?

DS: Well, I think we’ve certainly, probably overachieved this year. I think we’ve exceeded everybody’s hopes of where we’d be at this point in season, so it’s a nice bonus from here on in really. To see them in playoffs would be very nice, to see them compete in playoffs.

MS: Yeah, I echo the same. I mean it was a far cry last season thinking we’d be anywhere near getting to the Premier League so to even have a shot at it is fantastic.


John and Gary Thorner

How long have you been coming to Elland Road?

GT: We’re both from Dorset so we try and come as often as we can. We try for once a season if we can but obviously, it’s quite a trek.

JT: I first started coming in 1974.

Can you remember your first game that you came to?

JT: Yeah, I got a feeling it was Ipswich Town. Yeah that’s right. It was Ipswich Town.

I imagine the ground’s changed an awful lot.

JT: Yeah, an awful lot. I was one of the fortunate to be able to and I saw the great Revie team – Bremner and that. I saw them at Southampton.

So it was the Bremner team at the time. What was it like to watch them play?

JT: Oh, I can’t describe, can’t describe it. They’re fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Alright mate? That’s my oldest son.

Can you remember the first time you came to Elland Road?

GT: Yeah I did. I was about eight years old, playing Portsmouth in the FA Cup. It was Lee Bowyer’s debut, home debut, and one of my fondest memories was being eight years old, stood on the seat at the Kop end shouting ‘the referee’s a wanker’ at eight years old. It’s something I doubt I’ll ever forget.

Is there a favourite match that you’ve got?

GT: I think the best one I remember seeing was Coca Cola Cup Final against Villa. Even though we lost, it was a good game but we couldn’t get tickets for it so we had to watch it on the telly. But that was at the old Wembley. That was a good game despite the fact we did end up losing.

JT: My favourite game’s the home game against Southampton again in the Revie era when we won 6-nil. I think they stroked about forty passes together without Southampton getting the ball – absolute perfection.

Do you both have a favourite player? Bremner?

[JT nods head]

GT: Lucas Radabe, without a doubt.

Why Radabe?

GT: Just the sort-of struggle he had when he was at the club when Harold Wilkinson brought him over, trying to break into the first team. Then he managed to break in when George Graham came in, and then the ongoing battle he had with injury and disputes between the club and South Africa as well. He was always being pulled to and fro between club and country. So, the work he does for charity as well is completely inspirational.

What are your hopes for this season? Do you think we’ll make it up?

GT: I’d like to think so. I’d like to see us back in the Premiership next season without a doubt.

JT: Without a doubt but Ken’s got to spend money. You can’t go up and stay up there without spending any money. So yeah, hopefully we’ll get back where we belong ‘cause we don’t belong in this league. We are a Premiership club, definitely, and we’ve got to get back there but Uncle Ken’s got to spend the money.