Article on CLCM
Name: Article on CLCM
Description: Article on CLCM
Collection: LGBT archive
Location: nowthen
Contributor: Cliive Spendlove
Rights: Clive Spendlove
These images and stories document the banning of the LGB society and subsequent campaign that followed.

These documents show the campaign and battle that was fought at the college by students. It reflexes the homophobia that was experienced and the battles that took place to allow future students to be able to be more open and accepted at the college.

In the word of Clive who was involved at the time

"In the late 1980s I was a music student at the City of Leeds College of Music.  One day a female student, whom I didn't know, approached me and said, "How do you find it here?  I think it's sexist and heterosexist.  We should form a GaySoc."  So we did, only the Director removed our notices about this student society from the noticeboards and then ruled that he would not allow such a society to operate on college premises.  There ensued strenuous efforts lasting about 15 months to get this ban reversed, involving public meetings, called by the Director and by us, and a petition supported by almost all the staff to support the Director's ban, offensive graffiti in the staff room, our receipt of homophobic mail, and much argument and stress at a time when we were also trying to study.  Eventually, after trying to deal with it ourselves and by means of due procedures within the College, requesting discussion by Governors etc., we went outside for help.  We got help from the Leeds University Union and, eventually, from Ian McKellen, who came to Leeds to speak in celebration and support for us - actually at the College of Music, and only one, wonderfully-supportive, staff member attended.  But the battle had then been won: the legal advisors at the city council had said that this ban could be successfully challenged in law, and the Director's ban was at last lifted"

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