Little Horton Church
Name: Little Horton Church
Collection of memories and photographs from members of the Little Horton Moravian Church.
  • Football Team

    On the far left is Harry Callaway; the middle of the back row is Rev.

  • Friends

    Left to right: Ronald (Ronnie) Beaumont, Kathleen Colbert nee Bairstow, Norman Samuel Callaway, Alan Stead, Isa Davidson, Ethel Smith nee Ellis.

  • Little Horton Moravian Church

    This plan of the Little Horton Moravian Church is from 1852.

  • Norman Callaway

    Norman Callaway aged 13 with his cousin Muriel aged 4. Taken on the 20th May 1929.

  • old map

    nice map. . .

  • Organ

    Annie May Brown (nee Lowe) says that the picture of the organ was taken before the Centenary in 1938.

  • The Beach 1935

    From left to right: Pauline Jowett nee Bairstow, Kathleen Colbert nee Bairstow, Ethel Smith nee Ellis, Samuel Callaway, Ada Bairstow nee Ellis, Norman Samuel Callaway, Alice Maude Callaway nee Holt.

  • The Burnett's

    Joshua and Walter Burnett taken in 1895.

  • The Lowe's

    The Lowe's house stood in Back Lane. Back Lane is now know as Park Lane. This photograph was taken in the 1880s.