Collection of reminiscences collected from members of the Potterdale Day Centre, Beeston.
  • Angela Smith

    Angela grew up in Beeston and remembers tearing her navy school knickers on the slide in Cross Flatts Park.

  • Cinemas & Picturehouses

    It's at junction of Stanningley Road and Pudsey Old Road. Trams used to turn round here.

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  • Fashion

    Jean Dickinson remembers "One Whitsuntide I remember getting an off blue coat, organize dress, white cardigan, shoes and socks. As a teenager I remember wearing mini-skirts and stiletto heels.

  • Gordon Highlanders

    I joined up on the 6th October 1949 in the army to do my National Service. I travelled on my own to Aldershot for 6 weeks training.

  • Joining Up

    The day I joined up was a Monday, I was aged 17. I was in the Land Army.

  • Leeds Town Hall

    It's the Town Hall and that's going up to the Infirmary, up there and that is the library. I've been there lots of times, going visiting the Infirmary.

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  • Police Station

    The Police Station on Dewsbury Road was opened in 1903 along with the Public Library.

  • Potterdale Day Centre

    The Potterdale Centre is a Day Care Centre next to the One Stop Shop on Dewsbury Road in Beeston.

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  • South Leeds

    Great changes came to South Leeds in the 1970s when the new motorways arrived.

  • The Headrow

    At the bottom, is that Briggate? asked Nisar AhmadNo. That is Park Lane. Park Lane it takes you to City Square.