Leeds-Rodley tram, 1906
Name: Leeds-Rodley tram, 1906
Description: Leeds-Rodley tram, 1906
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When did the trams stop running through the centre? About 1950s weren't it. June I think.

When did the trams stop running through the centre?

About 1950s weren’t it. June ‘56 I think.

Trevor Pickersgill

Last routes were Roundhay. Going up to Roundhay were the last routes.

June Wilkinson

There’s still tramlines outside the Roundhay Park. Yeah. Trevor Pickersgill

They were the last ones to finish up to Roundhay Park. June Wilkinson

Do you know there were two trams in Leeds, two single-deckers. One of them is in use in now at Derbyshire. The other one, they took it to Middleton railway at other end.

Trevor Pickersgill

This tram is surrounded by Leeds depot staff. The 155 ran the Leeds to Rodley route which had a steep gradient that put a speed limit of 4mph on parts of the route.

Members of the Potterdale History Group remembered the trams in Leeds and often preferred them to the buses, even though Angela described them as "boneshakers". They were cheaper than the buses and always managed to get through in the winter when the buses could not.

The number 9 tram went up Dewsbury Road and turned round at Tommy Wass's. The number 12 went to Middleton though the woods. Angela's dad drove trams through the woods. Eric described trees on each side as far as you could see, it was like looking through a park. There were rows of streets so close to what seemed like country, it was all green and really beautiful. Eric's dad was also a tram driver and his mum was a conductor, which meant he sometimes travelled free.

Trams sometimes came off the rails near the Junction pubon Dewsbury Road; if they hit the crossings wrong the wheels came off the rails.