Early in the year 2000, the Bradford and District St. David's society received an invitation...

Early in the year 2000, the Bradford and District St. David's Society received an invitation from the Eisteddfod Committee in Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia to attend their celebrations in October 2000. This matter was discussed and others who might have been interested had other commitments. Glyn Roberts agreed to go to Patagonia.

The photograph was taken in the Senor Tango dancehall in Buenos Aires where the group from Wales had landed on their way to their final destination. The photograph shows three members (Beryl Ellis, Bryn Ellis & Glyndwr Roberts) of a group of 24 who spent 18 days in Argentina and Chile. Ten days were spent in the Welsh settlements in Patagonia (both in the Andes and near the Atlantic coast). The group attended the Patagonian Eisteddfod on the 10th-12th October 2000. The languages used in the Eisteddfod are Welsh and Spanish. Few of the Welsh speakers speak English.

Since 2000 closer links have been forged between the National Eisteddfod in Wales and the Eisteddfod in Patagonia. Also the Welsh Assembly are providing financial support for the teaching of Welsh in schools in the Welsh settlements.