In 1902 Bradford was a very prosperous city where there were great social tensions which showed themselves in the Manningham mills strikes and in the formation of the Independent Labour Party by Jowett Kier Hardy and others.

It was in 1902 that the Bradford and District St. David's Society was formed and its Chairman David Astley was a highly motivated worker for improving the welfare of the people living in the city.

In 1900-1903 there was a strike at the Penrhyn quarries in North Wales. This was precipitated by the banning of the collection of union funds in the workplace - an issue which would have appealed to the growing trade union movement.

The Penrhyn Welsh Ladies' Choir was formed to raise funds to help the striking quarry workers. In 1902 or early 1903 during a tour of cities in England, the choir visited Bradford. Its programme is undated. I have a copy which appears to have belonged to Marie and Nellie Williams of Banksfield Terrace, Yeadon.

There must be references to this visit in the local newspapers. The programme received a lot of advertising support from the Bradford Daily Argus, the City of Bradford Co-operative Society, Fattorini & Sons, the Yorkshire Factory Times and others.