One of the members of the Society is Mr. Ralph Povey.

One of the members of the Society is Mr. Ralph Povey. He and Barry Cryer (later MP for Keighley) were responsible for the campaign to save the Worth Valley Railway at the time of the Beeching "Cuts" in the British Railway network. They were successful in establishing the first voluntarily manned railway which took over a particular part of the rail network which otherwise would have disappeared.

The Worth Valley Railway has operated successfully since the mid-1960s as an independent self-financing organisation. The railway has been the location of several films of which the most well-known is the "Railway Children".

At Christmas 1992, a carol service was organised on the railway and the whole of Britain could join in because the act of worship was broadcast on "Songs of Praise". The singing was directed by David Bryan who is a member of the Society and the conductor of the Aire Valley Singers. The vicar of Oxenhope Canon Bruce Grainger led the service (he is a member of the Aire Valley Singers).