Photograph of Stuart Smith
Name: Photograph of Stuart Smith
Description: Photograph of Stuart Smith
Collection: Phillip Walker
Location: Nowthen
Contributor: Phillip Walker
Rights: Phillip Walker
From Rochdale and racing number 391, Stuart Smith was one of the best stock car racing drivers of his age. He was also a favourite and a friend of Phillip Walker. Below he describes his career.

Extracts taken from interview with Phillip Walker, June 2011:

His name was Stuart Smith and he come from Rochdale in Lancashire. He started in 1964 and he retired in 1986. Now, in those twenty two years, he won six world championships, he won thirteen consecutive national points championships and he also won five hundred final wins. He was well-know in the papers. He was in the papers quite a lot – the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star. He had a business in Rochdale Van Centre selling second-hand commercial vans and minibuses and things. I have quite a lot of memorabilia from Stuart, what’s been passed on to me. He died in Christmas last year [2010]. He was only sixty four but now his two sons race. Both of his sons, Stuart Smith and Andrew Smith, have won world championships. One of his sons, Andrew Smith, is the current world champion, with a gold roof painted on top of his car, with the number one on it. When you get to world champion, you get to paint your roof colour gold because they go on roof colours for the grade of whatever you are. So he has a gold roof with the number one on, saying he is the current world champion.

The 1980 semi-final at Odsal was won by Stuart Smith 391 – that were his racing number – and he come from Rochdale. In 1997 his son won it, Andrew Smith 391, and he came from Rochdale ‘cause he was Stuart’s son. Obviously old man Stuart Smith stopped racing in 1986 and his son took over racing.