Dig For Victory wartime campaign poster
Name: Dig For Victory wartime campaign poster
Description: Dig For Victory wartime campaign poster
Collection: Morley Rhubarb Festival Committee
Contributor: James Vaughan http://www.flickr.com/people/x-ray_delta_one/
Rights: James Vaughan http://www.flickr.com/people/x-ray_delta_one/
Morley rhubarb farms played a large part of West Yorkshire's war effort with campaigns such as 'Dig For Victory' and 'Lend A Hand On The Land'. Raymond Cowling recalls his own experiences during that time.

In 1944 or 1945, when I was just five or six years old, I lived on Scotsman Lane. Rhubarb was grown in fields and sheds on Howley Hall Farm, owned by the Dowson family. Everyday during the season, a lorry load of German POWs were brought in to work in the rhubarb sheds. My Father was in the army and had taught me a bit of German. These men were in their twenties or thirties and I used to talk to them. They were nice blokes really and they were never any trouble.

When I was a bit older, maybe twelve or thirteen years old, I used to work at Point Hall Farm, owned by my Uncle in Churwell. He was a prominent rhubarb farmer and a member of the Rhubarb Growers' Association. I helped out with my cousin (whether I wanted to or not) pulling rhubarb in the forcing sheds. Then I packed rhubarb into bundles with their leaves chopped off in a side shed with my Mother. We worked by candle light inside the rhubarb sheds and I can still remember the smell to this day.