Rhubarb stall 3
Name: Rhubarb stall 3
Description: Selection of rhubarb at 21st May 2011 event
Contributor: West Yorkshire Archive Service
Rights: West Yorkshire Archive Service
Brenda Haigh lived in Tingley and remembers what it was like when she was littled girl, around sixty years ago.

There used to be so many rhubarb fields in Tingley. They were on Tingley Common, where the A650 is now, down Topcliffe Lane and right over into Dewsbury Road. Mr Cartlidge used to own those fields and we weren't to go in as children.

I lived near the blacksmith's shop, on the crossroads where Tingley roundabout is now. I used to go and watch the shoeing of the horses with my cousins. I remember all the flames going up and the bellows being blown. My Mother wouldn't let us go there on certain days. She had been warned by the blacksmith on the days when the shires came over from Bradford. They were such trouble that he didn't want us children hearing the names they were calling the horses!