Collection of reminiscences by the ladies of the Tong Street Tuesday and Thursday Group
  • Burling and Mending

    That's a good picture of a burling table you know. I can see how it slopes and you could put these tables at different heights.

  • Holidays

    Everybody on Tong Street had the same holiday, which was Bowling Tide.

  • Mending and Quality Control

    Highly skilled Menders look over and repair any weaving or yarn faults that could have occurred during the weaving process.

  • Shuttle and Bobbins

    These bobbins came from winding, with all the cotton on. All full of cotton and they put it in one of these shuttles that is empty.

  • Tea Breaks

    We worked from six till half past eight. Then from half past eight till nine we had a break.

  • The Gilling Machine

    My name is Betty Waggett. I was known as Betty Peel when I first went to work at mill. That lady is me.

  • Walking Home from the Mills

    We used to walk home. We all walked home together.

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  • Warping and Twisting

    Warping - Once the yarn has been delivered from the spinner and checked for quality, it is wound to measured length in preparation for warping.

  • Weaving

    Once the beam is in the loom ready for weaving, the loom operated the vertical threads in the harness by separating them and inserting the horizontal yarn (weft).

  • What to wear?

    It was called an overall. It's a pinny actually and it was all in one piece with just a slit for the head and arms.