Belle Vue ground
Name: Belle Vue ground
Description: Photograph of Belle Vue ground
Location: Nowthen
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Emma's support for the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats goes back two generations in her family.

So, Emma, how long have you supported the Wildcats for?

Well, basically, my Grandma and Grandad used to come here, you know, as young people and we’ve just followed the tradition of the family really. And when my Grandad actually died, he had his ashes scattered across the Wakefield Trinity ground, so…

So it’s a real family link then?

Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately, when I…my husband and my husband’s side are all Wakefield Trinity fans as well so quite a bit of coincidence really.

So, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

Basically, I hope they keep improving and sort their defence out so at the moment, the defence isn’t one hundred percent. Yeah but hopefully continue striving to improve with each of the games.

So have you got a particular memory of following the Wildcats at all?

Not really, not one in particular. I suppose the most memorable one was the playoffs – not the playoffs, sorry – when we were trying to stay up. We were playing Castleford and Wakefield at this ground. That was probably the most memorable one and I can remember a week before, you know, it actually due to, you know, have the match, you know, continuously not sleeping and worrying about it. And you know your whole life depended on it. Yeah, so, it was really good when it, you know, all worked out for us. 

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Name: Emma Harris
Description: Clip of interview with Emma Harris
Location: Nowthen
Contributor: Emma Harris, West Yorkshire Archive Service
Rights: Emma Harris, West Yorkshire Archive Service