Enclosure Map B
Name: Enclosure Map B
Description: Enclosure map showing township of Warley, 1855
Collection: Warley Township
Location: Nowthen
Reference: WYC1363/1/3
Contributor: West Yorkshire Archive Service
Rights: Crown Copyright
Grant is 90 years old and previously worked as Head Gardener on the Warley House Estate belonging to Henry Charles McCrea from 1866 before being passed to his son Arthur Selby McCrea in 1901. He later left the Estate to the Royal Halifax Infirmary when he died in 1945.

Grant Pedley has had a great interest in water-divining all his life and became quite an expert by practising his hobby starting in his late teenage years. He lived in Wheatley Valley and discovered his interest with his two brother - 'one was really brainy, Kenneth. Me other brother was younger than me and he finished up with being a plant breeder. He was very clever later on'.

One day, Grant's younger brother was 'fiddling about with a stick in the shape of a water-diviner's stick' and, to his surprise, it went up in his hand and 'he couldn't wait until I got home from my engineering job to show me his trick and I didn't believe him'. From this point, the Pedley brothers joined a society of water diviners, gaining knowledge and information and buying the necessary equipment - a water-diving rod made from hazel sticks with strips of whale bone tied at the end.

Grant recalls several incidents during these years including being hit on the head by a stone when stuck down a hole and ending up in hospital, visiting a man who had spent wasted time digging down through a pile of earth that had come out of a quarry ('all he were doing was...digging what somebody else had tipped there) and using his water-divining skills to locate a friend's lost gold pipe!

He first became interested in McCrea's property at Warley House Estate when a large number of drains were uncovered on the hillside when trees blew down after a gale - 'we tidied the place up and burnt them all'.

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Name: Grant Pedley recording
Description: Grant Pedley talks about his time as a water diviner
Collection: Warley Community Association
Location: Nowthen
Contributor: Grant Pedley
Rights: Grant Pedley, West Yorkshire Archive Service