Amanda White

Amanda White
David Nieper, Saulgrove House, Alfreton Derbyshire, DE55 7LE

Alfreton Derbyshire

Tel: 01773-83-6000

Amanda is an online marketer from Daviednieper. She loves the challenge she gets from her job, she loves being thrilled. Being a marketer lets her practice her creativity and flexibilty towards work. Amanda is honest and hard-working, she can't leave something undone. When she starts to do something, one thing she would make sure is that at the end of the day, she has done something for it. She is into writing as well, even she was still in her college years, she make use of her writing skills to gain extra revenues even up tp now. She had written a lot of blogs about fashion since she is into it too. She shares tips about keenly choosing appropriate dress for everyday, even dresses at night. She considers it as a pleasure to help others in improving themselves in the way they dress.


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