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A working mom, Ava spends most of her time with her work. Whenever she has sometime off, she spends with her daughters outdoors doing activities such as Tubing in Wisconsin . She likes the hype of the adventure and of the outdoors and exposes her children to the activities as much as she can. She’s also interested in photography and art. To her, her camera is one of the powerful mediums to express one’s self.  Currently, she works for a site that features Apple River Park activities. 


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The Apple River- Float Rite Park, is a place that offers their customers exciting activities that will not only benefit your body but will rejuvenates one’s tired minds. Be sure to enjoy their Apple river tubing activities, a 3 hour fun activity that starts and ends at the same point. Come during the weekends for to experience their Live Music Concerts. They also offer Patio bar that every body can enjoy in the weekends. Enjoyment and fun that is good for the health and beneficial to the mind, only in Float Rite Park. They can be contacted in their number 715-247-3453 or you can visit their site .



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