Nicole Naum

Nicole Naum

Church Street, Manassas
United States Of America

Tel: (703) 939-9977

Nicole Naum is an advocate of unbiased justice, hence, as a criminal defense lawyer she always makes sure that her clients would have a fair and just trial to preserve the fairness and integrity of justice and to practice her clients Constitutional rights to having a just trial.


Nicole Naum's genuine concerns for her clients is apparent, regardless of the situation, both outside and inside the court. She is skilled in how to properly evaluate her legal defenses and strategies in any cases she handles. She also have the experiences and expertise to formulate effective legal arguments in favor of her clients case so to gain the leverage of the verdict. Her tenacious and assertive approach to criminal law had gained her the respect of many judges and prosecutors to whom she regularly appears.

Furthermore, Nicole Naum can quickly grasp equitable resolution for her clients case by doing keen analysis of their cases and with her in depth concept of criminal law.


Nicole Naum received her Juris Doctorate degree at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 2006. In addition, Nicole Naum is also an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. For further about Nicole Naum is featured in her website



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