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  • Corinne Botham

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    1948 was an eventful year for Corinne as it involved moving half way around the world. She had always lived in India but, following the country’s independence in 1947, it was no longer safe for the family to stay there and they moved to Britain.

  • Iris Corbett

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    Iris was married in 1950 and it wasn’t until two years later in 1952 that rationing stopped. For your weekly ration shop, you had the coupons either marked off of cut out by the shopkeeper. The shopkeepers would then save these coupons, count them into hundreds every fourth Sunday and send them off to get this allocation back. Iris knows this process only too well as she used to do this for her father, who was a grocer.

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  • Mary Goodall

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    In 1948, Mary was working for Matthias Robinson’s in Leeds, where Debenhams now stands on Briggate. When she started work, she could get precious material and learned to use a treadle machine in the sewing rooms, which are still there today. Mary enjoyed her work as it was a good company and everyone got on with each other.

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  • Nina Goldthorpe

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    In 1948, Nina went to Leeds University to study Modern Languages (German and Spanish). To be able to go to university, you had to build up points and honours. At that time, after the war, there were a lot of ex-service people who went. Nina said that it was such an interesting time due to the mix of people.

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  • Patricia Paget

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    In 1948, Patricia wasn’t really interested in the Olympic Games as there were no televisions to watch it on and it was happening all the way down in London. Most of the time, they listened to it on the radio.

  • Winifred Hopkins

    Collection: 1948 Olympic Games: Then & Now

    Winifred got married in 1948 and says it took ingenuity to make it happen in the days of rationing. She had a three-tier fruit wedding cake with the icing made from 35 eggs. She managed to get this through an engineering friend of her father, who had a background in cake decorating. When the wedding day came, the happy couple didn’t cut the cake but instead untied a ribbon around one section.

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