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Southwest Business Announcements

here are the latest Southwest business announcements brought to you by online based NowThen media.

Leading SEO Guru Launches SEO Agency In Exeter

25th April 2022

SEO Agency, Stealth SEO Solutions have launched their SEO business in the heart of Exeter city centre. The company’s focus is to provide a complete bespoke, digital marketing service for clients in Exeter and other town in Devon, including other large towns such as Torquay and Plymouth.

Stealth SEO Solutions is by no means a start-up business. The company has been ranking client websites on the first page of Google since 2010. The company is an international business that until now has not had a local presence but has instead, provided its digital marketing services to businesses in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia.

Stealth SEO Solutions core services are to provide search engine optimisation (SEO) and website design / development. The company has built up an undeniable reputation over the years for getting impressive results for its clients.

Stealth SEO Solutions Exeter

Head of Stealth SEO Solutions is director, Chris Cantell, an SEO expert, well known in the industry for his ability to get the most impressive results for his clients as well as his knowledge and advanced strategies.

Chris began studying SEO back in 2008 and quickly mastered the process of ranking websites on the first page of Google. In 2010, he started offering his services to client in the UK. By 2013, Chris Cantell had mastered the ability to develop bespoke cutting-edge strategies that would be tailored to each client website. Each bespoke strategy would always achieve the same results for every client, which were top rankings on Google and the other search engines.

Cantell said “a powerful, well thought out strategy is everything in SEO. It can mean the difference between getting great results and mediocre rankings on Google”. He went on to say, “since 2010, I have been piecing together and perfecting SEO strategies that work for our client websites”.

In 2014, Chris developed an advanced SEO training called SEO Breakthrough. This training was designed and created specifically for SEO agencies to learn advanced SEO methods and strategies and how to achieve the most impressive results for their clients. Since then, Chris Cantell has trained hundreds of SEO agencies around the world how to do SEO that gets best results.

As well as training SEO agencies, Chris Cantell has continued to provide SEO services for clients around the world through his company, Stealth SEO Solutions. Chris said, “I wanted to establish a local presence and offer my services to businesses where I live. For this reason, I set up a locally based agency in Exeter”. He went on to say, “we still provide SEO for businesses around the world and will likely continue to do so, but it made sense to establish something special for businesses that were in my city and county”

Stealth SEO Solutions provide all services in house, and unlike so many other SEO agencies, they don’t outsource the work to 3rd world freelancers. Chris Cantell said, “so many SEO agencies farm out the SEO work, purely to keep costs down or to win an order on price. We believe that this is not something that the client would want”.

For further details about the SEO side of their business, visit their SEO Exeter page

As well as SEO, Stealth SEO Solutions also provide a professional bespoke website design / development service. Mr Cantell said, “the websites we create are professionally designed to how the client wants the site to look. It is a bespoke site creation; however, we build with ranking on Google in mind. Most website design firms only focus on how the site looks but this is only part of the picture. I think that 99.9% of sites that are created take a huge amount of effort to rank on Google”.

For further details about the web development side of their business, visit the web design Exeter page

He went on to say, “This is because the web developer did not optimise the site at the time of developing it. You can test this out yourself by using the Google Pages Speed Insights tool. Most website developers struggle to score more than 50 out of 100 with the tool. This is because they are not factoring performance. The sites we create all score in the high 90’s or 100”.

Mr Cantell went then said, “you can typically tell how well your site is going to be optimised by checking the website developers’ site with the Google Page Speed Insights tool. It is free to use the tool. Just type into Google, Page Speed Insights tool, and then enter the URL in the box on the page”.

Stealth SEO Solutions plan to build the agency in Exeter to be the “go to” agency for the highest quality and standard of SEO and website design / development.

For more information about Stealth SEO Solutions and the services they offer, visit: Stealth SEO Solutions

Stealth SEO Solutions
The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JY
01392 920029


Oddbox Expands Its Business Into Southwest England

16th April 2021

London based fruit and veg business “Oddbox” made an announcement that it is expanding its reach and setting up shop in the southwest of England.

The company provides a delivery service of its fruit and veg to its customer base. The thing that makes veg box different to a typical fruit and veg provider is that they are not fussy about size or shape. The demand of “the perfect veg” by the supermarkets has caused tons of food to be thrown away simply because the veg was the wrong shape.

The company has been running weekly rescue missions in London and also in the south-east of England for over 5 years now. A spokesman from the company said that it is delivered more than 2 million boxes of these strange shaped vegetables. Obviously this is a huge achievement, and to prevent this quantity of fruit and veg going to waste makes it an essential business.

The expansion plans that Oddbox has by setting up business in the south-west of England will mean that it will increase its delivery reach to an additional 700,000 households. As this is gonna be based in the southwest, the households that will benefit will be across the southwest and also Wales.

Regarding the expansion, Emilie Vanpoperinghe, Co-Founder and CEO of Oddbox, said: We’re delighted to be expanding Oddbox into Wales and the South West, grow our community of people doing good for the planet and support our growers by rescuing delicious ‘odd’ fruit and veg from going to waste.

She went on to say “We’re committed to helping people live more sustainably – widening our reach into Wales and the South West means we can have a greater collective impact. Knowing that, according to the Drawdown Project, fighting food waste is the number one solution to reverse the climate crisis, this gives us hope that, together, we will leave the planet in a better place for our children.”

Exeter Based Airline Business About to takeoff once again

16th April 2021

During the beginning months of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, UK airline flybe announced that it was going to close its airline operation in Exeter airport in Devon. This was a devastating blow to the south-west at the time. The airport has been like a ghost town since. However, there has been an announcement from a new company called flybe Ltd that as purchased assets of the failing Exeter-based headquarters airline. Administrators that are working on the deal hope to resume flights at some time in 2021.


This is a major search for the southwest. It will be a large injection to the south-west economy as well as a good boost for employment in the region.

Having said that, there is a stark side to it all. It seems however, that’s although the news above seems good, there is no indication made by the new firm that it would operate from Exeter or even the southwest. In fact, it is even unknown if it will operate at all. At this moment in time the venture does have an operating licence but the civil aviation authority did revoke it and the operating licence is only in place because of an appeal that has been lodged by the company. Grant shapps, the transport minister will be deciding on the outcome of this soon.

The administrators that are working to get this airline back in place have sold the training Academy based in Exeter to the Devon County Council for a figure in excess of £3 million. In addition to this they have been able to bring back over 60 aircraft, all of which are leased.

In an announcement was made recently, the new company will operate on a smaller basis than the original flybe company. At its peak, flybe employed 2000 people. The fewer numbers that will be employed may well be significantly less than this.

It would be a blow to the southwest if the location of the airline headquarters was not based in region. Just because it was located in Exeter previously, does not necessarily mean it will remain there when flybe Ltd establishes its business. It is possible that the company could operate from Newquay in Cornwall which would be great for Cornwall the not so for Devon.

The original flybe collapsed into administration after the government withdrew a £100 million package to rescue the company. We will just have to wait and see what happens as things unfold in the weeks and months ahead.

Exeter Based Leasing Company Gets A Surge For Electrical Tesla Cars

12th April 2021

Exeter-based car leasing company, Carparison, based at Hill Barton Business Park, is seeing a surge in purchases of Elon musk’s famous Tesla car. The company has now taken delivery of 100 of these vehicles. 60 of those vehicles have been leased by businesses in just one week. The company received the Tesla’s in early April and after just a few days they only have a remaining stock of 40. This 40 will soon go as the uptake on the Tesla increases.


The Tesla car has an outstanding performance and has a range of up to 360 miles in just one single charge. But it’s not just the range that is outstanding on the Tesla vehicles. It is the fast charge. The fast charge enables the car to be able to do hundred and 72 miles with just a 15 minute charge. It is likely to be a result of the performance that businesses are taking lease of these vehicles.

Carparison don’t just lease Tesla’s. They also lease other vehicles. Carparison’s Ryan Darby said in an announcement “the majority of leases have come through business deals. We have some businesses in the south-west who have taken them out. They have been going particularly well, but then they are the cream of the crop for electric vehicles.”

When Tesla’s were launched, the prices that were announced came out at £26,650 to purchase. Carparison is providing the standard Tesla model at a lease cost of £432 and the long-range Tesla model will be leased for a cost of £459 per month. The lease figure is high for a saloon vehicle. However, the company maintains that it is value for money because of the exceptional range and fast charge time. Performance of the model 3 Tesla is really good as well with an acceleration of nought to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 462 mph.

Carparison is well placed in the industry to maximise on the boom and growth of Tesla.

Southwest Business Announcements