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Who We Are

We are Now Then Southwest Business Announcements. It’s our job to shout about your business and your announcement if you are a company based in the southwest.

Anything that is newsworthy for businesses based in this region we will publish. We don’t publish anything and everything. We feature press release coverage in the south-west but also further afield. On our main home page, we cover select business announcements as well as feature announcements that we publish from coverage that businesses send in and what we find to be useful to our readers.

We don’t charge much for publication, and our rates offer high value for money. We are able to keep our rates down because we also get compensated via ads that are placed on our website.

If you would like to be considered for publication in either the press release or the feature homepage, then please visit our contact us page and write into us and let us know what you would like published on this site.

Be sure to ask for our pricing rates and we will send those to you We can’t guarantee publication of your new story or your company, but we are willing to take things further, so the first step is for you to get in contact with us.

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Southwest Business Announcements