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Grants Available For South Devon Businesses As Lockdown Eases

If you have a business in South Devon, perhaps you could use some help. With the UK Government’s New Towns and Cities Program, there are grants available to small businesses in the county. The aim of the program is to help revitalise the economy in the county and get it back on track. Over the past few years, the economy has suffered from the global recession and the Covid-19 pandemic and has seen many small businesses fail. However, as the UK economy begins to pick up again, many of these businesses are going to be looking for grant funding so they can remain open.

The New Towns and Cities Program are currently available for six months from May until September. This is an excellent time to start applying for grants because this is the sort of time when most applications for grants are accepted. The reason it is such a good time to apply is that businesses need money now more than ever before. The economic outlook is very gloomy and many small businesses simply cannot wait. The grants that are available will not just help them pay the bills over the summer – they will also give them the opportunity to start or expand their business.

Every year, hundreds of grants are issued to individual companies and individuals, but you have to ask for them. If your business is too small, you probably won’t even be able to find a grant. The small business grants that are available are for every sort of business you can imagine. You can get grants for a variety of things including restaurants, shops, nurseries, museums, carpet-cleaning services, bookstores, cafes, craft fairs and more.

As well as the grants available from the UK government, you may also be able to get a grant from your local government. These funds are often provided by the town or city they are in – look in your local phone directory under” Grants” or” Communities”. They are also usually provided by “charities” – see how you can find out what charity is providing the grant. These types of grants are normally for community development projects.

There are other ways of getting grants as well – there are scholarships available specifically for grants. This means that the money you get in a scholarship does not have to be repaid, so it can be used for your own purposes. Also, smaller companies and individuals may qualify for smaller awards, as well. You can search the internet for websites that offer information on how to get a grant.

Whether you’re a new business or an established business looking to increase your business’s reach, or a sole proprietor looking for some help, grants are a great way to achieve all these things. Look online for the various types of grants available. There is no limit on how many grants you can apply for, and there are no strings attached. So if you think you’ve got the makings of a great business, it’s time to start looking at how you can get a grant.

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