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Smart Skills Partnerships Offer Training For Devon Businesses

A large pot of European social funding money to the value of £3.5 million is being offered to Devon businesses and residents.
This Smart Skills funding will be available for small or medium-sized Devon-based businesses and also other organizations for funding. The purpose is to identify special skills and gaps in the current business workforce and then go on to provide the special skills training that the business needs in order to become more resilient and be able to survive during and beyond the current economic troubles that we are facing.
Over the last few years, Smart Skills Partnership (SSP) has delivered a variety of training courses to teach small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) how they can benefit from a business training programme. The delivery of these programmes has helped many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) develop new skills, enhance their management skills, raise their productivity levels, improve customer relations and reap the rewards of enhanced profit margins. However, some businesses are finding that it is difficult to find suitable training for Devon and other areas within the UK. This is because, while there are several professional and reputable training providers in Devon, many of them are based within London and may not be able to meet the needs of the businesses they are training for.
This is where a professional business coach can help. Professionals such as coaches, project managers and executive trainers are able to access business sectors’ programmes on demand. They are able to tailor training for specific objectives, help businesses to optimise their learning outcomes and maximise their effectiveness. By taking training for Devon and other areas within the UK through a skills partner, businesses can increase the number of employees they have, develop leadership and management skills and maximise their profits.

For example, a business may want to develop skills for project management or manufacturing skills. A skills partnership could help achieve this through providing a project manager who would train the team, implement a training programme focused on key skills and deliver assessments at regular intervals. These assessments would cover both general skills and particular key skills. Project managers would learn to prioritise tasks, delegate duties and analyse the results of each team assignment. Executives would learn to manage people, teams and projects and become better prepared to make decisions about product developments, employee relations and marketing strategies. Trainees would learn new techniques and methods that would help them improve their performance.

The advantages of working with a skills partnership are clear. Training can be tailored to the individual needs of an individual business or group of employees. It provides a streamlined and focused approach to learning that meets the learner’s needs. It also delivers effective training that delivers better results and improves profitability. In short, a skills partnership delivers a flexible vocation that works in people’s everyday lives rather than just on a rigid schedule.

Training for Devon and other areas can be delivered in the traditional classroom setting through distance education and video conferencing. However, because of the demands of modern business life, many companies find it more efficient to train their staff through a skills partnership. Instead of investing resources in one-off sessions that are not set-up to meet the individual needs of the workforce, a skills partnership allows companies to benefit from a range of professional development opportunities and seminars. This allows employers to increase productivity, improve employee relations, and take advantage of new technologies.

So, if you’re looking to achieve training for Devon and other areas offered through smart skills partnerships, you should look into this funding that is available as soon as possible.

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